Report from HOPE X: Surveillance, Snowden, Stratfor and Surprises

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HOPE X, which took place in New York this past weekend, is one of the premiere events of the hacker calendar. The Cryptosphere correspondent Douglas Lucas was there, presenting on a panel, schmoozing over sushi, sneaking into the press room, and … but that would be telling!


On my Thursday flight to the tenth Hackers on Planet Earth convention, half-asleep and writing my part for the Project PM panel, I wondered what this article—which I’m writing on the plane back—would report. Figured the weekend would be a thorny mix of “total surveillance NSA surveillance is a dire emergency wracking ruin on humanity RIGHT NOW” and passing out business cards.

The plane trip back, by the way, is enlivened by an email from an editor, asking why my latest article was doing so well on social media. Turned out WikiLeaks had tweeted the link. So, that was…

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Anonymous: Behind the mask with Kylie Ochoa

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Anonymous is, yes, Anonymous. Legion. An Idea.

Sure, but only until its carbon-based avatars get run to Earth and shown to the world via poorly-lit and unflattering mugshots.

Lets meet one, shall we?

Kylie Ochoa is the proud parent of baby boy Brody, besotted wife of Higinio Ochoa III (aka w0rmer of Cabin Cr4w), efficient manager of two separate, home-based businesses, and possessor of the two most famous breasts in the history of hacktivism.

CabinCr4w sez hi CabinCr4w sez hi

Yeah, those.

How did an upwardly-mobile staffer at the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection end up splashed all over police sites, her photo serving as her boyfriend’s mark on hacked sites, as the Z served as Zorro’s?

Well, we asked her. And being Australian, she was not shy to answer.

The Cryptosphere: How did you two meet? 

Kylie Ochoa: Hig and I met in AnonPlusIRC. I’d only just very…

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SuchCalls: Very Doge. So Phone. Much Encryption

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Back in the old days before the NSA, it was only nosy telephone operators who truly knew what people were saying to one another “privately.” Now it seems that, although the government provides what hacker Adrian Lamo refers to as a “free, cloud-based back up service for an ungrateful nation,” some people don’t recall opting in to that, and would like to take back what privacy they had before the days of warrantless wiretapping. Some of them would even like to build those protections for others, and make them available at a reasonable cost.

Meet two of them.

We’re basically a communications provider that encrypts the data between our networks. Unlike larger companies with vested interest in consumer data, we just want to connect people with each other with a real sense of promoting freedom of speech. Teli Tuketu

Teli Tuketu and Jered Morgan are the creators of SuchCalls

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So, this happened

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The drumroll at the end of the internet The drumroll at the end of the internet

Featured image via Mashable

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Goalcoin: after the finals, the future?

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The fat lady has sung. The FIFA World Cup 2014 is over; the next such event is not for another four long years. What is a topical-until-three-days-ago cryptocurrency to do in the meantime?

If you’re Goalcoin, you double down on your novelty-value self with big BIG plans, a robust collection of mutually supportive businesses, a solid team, a celebrity backer, and then you try like mad to make sure that sports-obsessed demographic doesn’t wander into the seductive clutches of another novelty cryptocurrency like, say, Puckcoin. Which does not exist yet. Excuse me while I register that before hockey season.

GoalCoin was born in May of 2014, after only a few months of development, and currently trades at one ten-thousandths of a Bitcoin. The team behind it is…

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Interwebbed: Link Roundup July 14

ObeyParty AfterParty

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Sparta: what happens in ObeyParty stays at obey party

Not quite, as you will see.

Christopher Wayne Cooper, 23, aka “Anthrophobic”
Joshua John Covelli, 26, aka “Absolem” and “Toxic”
Keith Wilson Downey, 26
Mercedes Haefer, 20, aka “No” and “MMMM”
Donald Husband, 29, aka “Ananon”
Vincent Charles Kershaw, 27, aka “Trivette,” “Triv” and “Reaper”
Ethan Miles, 33
Dennis Collins
James C. Murphy, 36
Drew Alan Phillips, 26, aka “Drew010”
Jeffrey Puglisi, 28, aka “Jeffer,” “Jefferp” and “Ji”
Daniel Sullivan, 22
Tracy Ann Valenzuela, 42
Christopher Quang Vo, 22

The Paypal 14

You may never have heard of them, but collectively (and since 2010 they have been a collective, and they always will be, for all time bound by shared word and deed and indictment and plea…

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But what do we mean by the American Revolution?

…The revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people”
-John Adams, 1818

ImageTo those still willing,
Another year drudges on as millions of under educated, apathetic, and disenfranchised Americans accept the fate of failure as their only birth right. Month by month, our ranks are thinned and filled with disloyal applicants or those bent on disinformation and self-preservation. The cliques are getting bigger, and now fight for no other reason but for the chance of being right. We have lost more then a few good men, our loyalty to a cause, or our word. We have lost the integrity of our mask and all the responsibility that comes with it. We have lost it all because no one can rely on our once great promise: We will never forgive and we will never forget.
I look now at the shambles of the great Anonymous, the SAME Anonymous known for supporting the citizens of the world and all I see makes me sad. I hear of nothing but infighting, distrust and disloyalty on a scale unheard of by most just years ago. These acts are carried out not by strangers, but between friends and allies. The hive is not simply losing its power, but has lost its power. Not by any great force, or any one agent but because simply of inaction. The core of Anonymous is being rotted because our power is based on a unified front, not the bickering we see all around us. The fight is not over who leads – because we ALL do in our own right. The fight is not over who is more skilled, or what they may be – because we are ALL essential to our cause. The fight is not over fame because the mask shares but one ego. No friends, the fight we are fighting against today is simply inaction and today I propose we change the course of Anonymous, and maybe history will judge us fairly.

“If not us, who? And if not now, when?”
– Ronald Reagan, 1985

I bring this call to arms to everyone. From those who have never been active, but wish to, and those who have never stopped. It is time to get back to basics and fight the governments’ propaganda machines placed in our ranks. It is time to shower those placed inside us to break us down with a good, old fashioned, paper storm.

I call upon those with writing skills to publish revolutionary tomes of truth.
I call upon those skilled in arts to publish revolutionary Artwork.
I call upon those with the luxury of time to combine the two, those with the resources to print them, and those with the courage to distribute them!

Lets speak about our privacy being stolen, our security being compromised, our freedoms being denied and our future being sold. Lets rally in both virtual chart rooms and physically full ones. Speak loud not just of a government revolution but a cultural one. Scream from rooftops and hash-tags, front lines and paper stacks. Leave no sign post, empty book, shelf or hand empty of our mark. For too long we have allowed the very machine we fought against ot steal our heroes and reclaim those we have freed from bondage. This MUST end today! Do not simply start this discussion, the time for talk has passed! Act now or abandon your mask along with all hope because push has come to shove and it’s time the hive act as one again. I will leave the logistics to the hive because I have seen greatness rise when its called upon. Go now to recruit, educate and overcome so that Anonymous is no longer the stagnant force it is considered now.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.
God will not hold us guiltless.
Not to speak is to speak.
Not to act is to act.”
– Dietrick Bonhoeffer
“Executed German who warned about Hitler

This piece can be found here and is written in support on bringing w0rmer home to his family:

Daniel Ghoukassian: a social media portrait

Thanks to Lorraine Murphy. This is what some of us would call a soft do0x. Soft or not, it is an important one.


Daniel Ghoukassian: Facebook photo Daniel Ghoukassian: would YOU pick this for your Facebook photo? He did. I thought it was a mug shot.

Do you know this man? Lucky you, the answer is probably “no.” Because, as it turns out, not a lot of people seem to know this man. The ones who do are presumably not too thrilled about it.

Daniel Ghoukassian has thoughts about People and God Daniel Ghoukassian has thoughts about People and God

This man, Daniel (Dan) Simmon Ghoukassian, was just arrested and charged in relation to a series of broad-daylight sexual assaults that took place recently in the Oakridge area of Vancouver. Bail was set at $20,000, and as of Thursday, May 22 the suspect will be free to go about his business until his trial date of June 20, subject to as-yet undecided restrictions and of course the payment of bail.

The attacks took place on Cambie Street, a normally quiet, parkway-like corridor featuring…

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