Numbers: Men’s Rights

#GamerGate | misogyny in a poetic setting / sweet

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Gamergate Gamergate

“For this too is the lot of man.”— Siduri the Wine Maker, Gilgamesh

If strippers are a kind of walking wounded,
Where do all our crippled menfolk go
To hide between the worm and green corn moon?

The crystal lattices of movements grow,
Cocoons for broken roots that fossilize
Those brittle sticks we wave around as swords.

All the truths you tell in masks are lies.
Your righteous anger’s only helplessness.
Find your feet, my broken brothers—rise!

No boy becomes a man who can’t confess
Those faults and flaws that rob him of his force,
Or misdirect it, making him a beast.

Hold a door or fight a war, the source
Of who we are at last is sacrifice,
Deny it and the man in you is lost.

Numbers is a new weekly column by poet and journalist Curt Hopkins. “Numbers” is an historic term for poetry…

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Exclusive Matt DeHart coverage: Paul DeHart and Tor Ekelund Interviewed

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Matt DeHart Matt DeHart

Life is not easy for 30-year-old Matt DeHart.

Just a few years ago he was doing well; as a trained drone pilot in the US Air National Guard he looked forward to a stable and glamorous career at the center of action, living inside a virtual videogame and fighting America’s enemies. It was a heady combination of gamer geek dreams and the aspirations of a good boy who’d grown up in a military family, following his parents’ path to public service.

Now he sits in a cell in a foreign country, far from his Indiana roots, suffering from PTSD and recovering from two apparent suicide attempts. The last one by diving headfirst onto a concrete floor from a top bunk bed. He’s struggling hard to stay in that cell, too; or at least, never to return to the land of his birth, the land he once served so proudly.

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Numbers: Some Thoughts on the Umbrella Revolution

Poetically cryptic

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Umbrella Revolution Umbrella Revolution

The color of truth is gray.” – Andre Gide

I remember Tiananmen. The end

Was blood, and silence. I remember Tahrir
Square, the broken bones that do not mend,
And in Yangon, the monks who died at prayer.

I saw Wang Dan disappear down the dark,
Read Nay Phone Latt’s poetry of the oubliette,
Heard Alaa gasp between the street and the stars.
Hope is a sin, and the wages of sin is death.

Hope and change are like our blood and breath,
A slash can spill it all out on the ground
Or bleed it from us in a hissing froth,
But this is the wheel to which our hearts are bound.

Never be too blithe with your huzzahs
Lest the sound of guns be masked by your applause.

Curt Hopkins, Oregon, October 9, 2014

Numbers is a new weekly column by contrubutor

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Att tysta politisk kritik med copyright

.se | In Swedish about using copyright as a censorship tool by former EU MEP Engstrom

Christian Engström, Pirat

Enligt upphovsrätten har Expressen inte rätt att visa den här bilden där Åsa Romson målar med giftig miljöfarlig båtfärg Enligt upphovsrätten har Expressen inte rätt att visa den här bilden där Åsa Romson målar med giftig miljöfarlig båtfärg

Miljöminister Åsa Romson (MP) har målat sin båt med giftig bottenfärg som är förbjuden av miljöskäl i Östersjön, avslöjar Expressen. Beviset är bilder från 2011 där Åsa Romson står och målar båten, och den olagliga färgburken syns. Bilderna är publicerade av Åsa Romson själv.

När Expressen träffade Romson och konfronterade henne med bilderna svarade hon, enligt Expressens artikel

“Det är copyright på de bilderna. Det vet du eller?”

Här har Åsa Romson lagen helt på sin sida. Under förutsättning att hon (eller hennes man) äger upphovsrätten på bilderna, har hon all rätt i världen att förbjuda Expressen att publicera dem. Det är själva kärnan i upphovsrättsmonopolet, att den som har copyright har rätt att förbjuda publicering.

Men borde det vara så? Är det rätt att en politiker som blir konfronterad…

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Numbers: Lingua Nova

“Numbers is a new weekly column by contrubutor Curt Hopkins. “Numbers” is an historic term for poetry, and also alludes to the numbers in programming. The title of this poem, Lingua Nova, is Latin for “new language.””

The Cryptosphere

Oscar Wilde was Anonymous Oscar Wilde was Anonymous

“Language has run riot in an age of mass communication. It must be reduced to its proper function – the expression of authentic content, rather than its concealment.”
Martin Esslin

If Anonymous is not a hacking gang,
With a master plan

To crack the safes of every bank in town,
Then go to ground

To turn up later on a yacht in Malta
Or dacha in the Baltics

Or cyberspies devoted to the death
Of the U.S.

Or post-pubescent clowns with rattlecans
And sticky hands

What are they then, this mob of secret hackers?
No group. A syntax.

A brand new protocol for public discourse,
A nascent source

Of civic language for the appraisal of power,
to parse the force

That governs public life, from winter socks
For the indigent, lost

Amid plenty, to pirates whose depredations made them;
A tongue whose…

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