Norm MacDonald Shared A Wonderful Robin Williams Story On Twitter That Sums Up Everyone’s Loss


Saturday Night Live

Man, today is a real bummer. We’re all trying to come to terms with our grief over the man that Dustin brilliantly described as our “crazy uncle who wouldn’t shut up at the dinner table,” and we’ve all been coping with it in our own ways. Many of us on social media. But probably the most meaningful tribute to Robin Williams I’ve seen so far comes from Norm MacDonald — who previously tweeted poignant eulogies to Elaine Stritch and James Garner — in a story about his first time appearing on Letterman, and how Robin Williams tried to help out some punk kid from rural Ontario.

Try not to cry; maybe you’ll have better luck than I did.

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Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto Headlines for Today

The Cryptosphere

suddenly TENTACLES suddenly TENTACLES

Well, as you can see from the above, we’ve something of a SITUATION on our hands here at the Cryptosphere, so without further preamble, we hereby present the top cyber and crypto stories on the Interwebs. Enjoy! And wish us luck!

Schadenfreude-laden quote of the day: CIA Director John Brennan, “I think a lot of people who are claiming that there has been this tremendous sort of spying and monitoring and hacking will be proved wrong.”

WRONG. See first story below.

It’s Time to Tame the CIA Monster (WaPo)

Meta-Pranking Surveillance (Jezebel) Domain Name Goes for $1.1 million (NewsBTC)

Matt DeHart Moved Back to Maximum Security (FreeMattDeHart)

Artificial Intelligence could be “more dangerous than nukes.” (CNET)

Nut Serves Passengers a Bomb Scare on Qatar Air Flight (Guardians)

Former NSA head is “a cyber guy,” wants to do “cyber stuff.” Reportedly doing it for $1 million a…

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Interwebbed: Top Crypto and Cyber Headlines for Friday, August 1

The Cryptosphere

yellow strings by Michael Glasgow yellow strings by Michael Glasgow

TGIF say I, you, the Houmaine Family, and that poor sap at the State Department whose talking points got leaked all over the interwebs yesterday. We know you’re in a rush to get to the cabin, the cottage, or the Facebook page where you will TELL everyone you are going to the cabin or cottage, and then hang out at home in your underwear all weekend. What, you thought your webcam was OFF?

So we’ll cut to the chase and just give you the links to the top cyber and crypto stories for this morning. Do you like that we switched the roundup to mornings? We do. It means we have less to feel guilty about all day long. Crypto Currently moves to the final story of the day instead of the first, but you’re not reading this now, are you? You read-skipper, you!

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