SuchCalls: Very Doge. So Phone. Much Encryption

The Cryptosphere

Back in the old days before the NSA, it was only nosy telephone operators who truly knew what people were saying to one another “privately.” Now it seems that, although the government provides what hacker Adrian Lamo refers to as a “free, cloud-based back up service for an ungrateful nation,” some people don’t recall opting in to that, and would like to take back what privacy they had before the days of warrantless wiretapping. Some of them would even like to build those protections for others, and make them available at a reasonable cost.

Meet two of them.

We’re basically a communications provider that encrypts the data between our networks. Unlike larger companies with vested interest in consumer data, we just want to connect people with each other with a real sense of promoting freedom of speech. Teli Tuketu

Teli Tuketu and Jered Morgan are the creators of SuchCalls

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