Goalcoin: after the finals, the future?

The Cryptosphere

The fat lady has sung. The FIFA World Cup 2014 is over; the next such event is not for another four long years. What is a topical-until-three-days-ago cryptocurrency to do in the meantime?

If you’re Goalcoin, you double down on your novelty-value self with big BIG plans, a robust collection of mutually supportive businesses, a solid team, a celebrity backer, and then you try like mad to make sure that sports-obsessed demographic doesn’t wander into the seductive clutches of another novelty cryptocurrency like, say, Puckcoin. Which does not exist yet. Excuse me while I register that before hockey season.

GoalCoin was born in May of 2014, after only a few months of development, and currently trades at one ten-thousandths of a Bitcoin. The team behind it is…

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